PVDF tubes

Chemical resistance:

PVDF is highly resistant to most inorganic acids, organic acids and hydrocarbons.

PVDF is not resistant to alkalis, amines or alkali metals.

Physical properties:

PVDF has excellent mechanical properties: strength, impact resistance and abrasion resistance

It has excellent resistance to UV rays and radiation.

It can be used in the temperature range -20 °C – 140 °C.

PVDF is flame resistant and flame retardant.

Harmfulness to health:

PVDF is harmless to health.


PVDF tubes are an excellent solution for conducting aggressive chemical substances and preparations, so they are ideal for use in the chemical and food industry, agriculture and energy, including nuclear energy.

They are mainly used for the distribution of corrosive substances, especially acids, oxidation products and disinfectant solutions. They are highly resistant to chlorine. PVDF tubes can also be used for viscous media.