PSU tubes:

Chemical resistance:

PSU tubes are resistant to the action of water (hydrolytic activity), inorganic acids, detergents, aliphatic hydrocarbons and alcohols.

Physical properties:

  • excellent thermal stability and fire resistance
  • PSU material is not electrically conductive
  • highly transparent PSU tubes available
  • thermal stability up to 170 °C
  • PSU tubes are flame retardant

Harmfulness to health:

Suitable for drinking water and food industry purposes.


A cutting-edge solution for hot water distribution including the possibility to increase the temperature of highly disinfected water in distribution systems for the destruction of harmful bacteria such as Legionella in hospitals and hotels.

PSU tubes are an excellent solution for boilers and water heaters, or hot water and steam coffee makers.

PSU tubes can be used for cooling systems of automotive engines.

Due to the optical characteristics of PSU material it is suitable for applications where it is necessary to monitor the conducted medium.