Inner linings of control cables (Bowden linings)

We produce inner linings for control cables which are used in particular in the automotive industry.

Due to their properties, particularly wear resistance and lubricity, inner linings provide long-term flawless operation of control cables without the need for lubrication.

We produce inner linings from various materials and in any size according to the customer’s specifications.

Commonly used lining materials: POM, PA, LDPE, PBT.

PVDF Bowden linings

Special products from our range of internal linings are linings made from PVDF materials from the fluoropolymers group.

The characteristic properties are as follows:

  • excellent gliding properties
  • excellent mechanical properties
  • creep resistance (better than other fluoropolymers such as PTFE)
  • temperature range 130 °C continuous, 160 °C short-term
  • wear resistance (much higher than PTFE).

These linings are protected by a utility model.